Tea Duo - Chai and Hibiscus



In this tea combo, you'll get one box of black chai tea and one box of red hibiscus tea. **

This award-winning, single-origin Ayuvedic chai tea, which includes special golden tips and spices from the same village around Kanchanjangha, offers a taste of a sweet and spicy Nepali heritage tea. **

Character: Genuine, Fiery, Holistic **

Ingredients: Black tea*, Cloves*, Cinnamon Bark*, Cinnamon Leaf*, Orange Peel*, Ginger*, Green cardamom, Lemongrass* Coriander seeds, Black Pepper (organic*) **

Cultivation and Certification: Natural (Organic cultivation but no certification)


The red hibiscus is grown by smallholder farmers around Satemwa Farm in Malawi and harvested between June and September. The infusion has a deep ruby-red infusion with a fresh sour and sweet taste, which is very refreshing. Rich in vitamin C, red hibiscus is ascribed with a long list of beneficial health properties if consumed regularly. **

Character: Vibrant, Powerful, Refreshing **

Cultivation and Certification: Conventional (pesticide-free, with herbicide use) Fair Trade, UTZ+ and Rain Forest Alliance Certified