Sacred Smoke Wand - Pine


SKU: R-HA-pine

This listing is for a Pine Smoke Wand, which is for energetic healing, fertility, and protection.

The Latin word for sage is “salvia” which means to heal. Indigenous cultures around the world have been using the sacred smoke of sage and other plant allies to heal physical and energetic imbalances for centuries. Use one of these bundles to purify, bless and uplift people and spaces. Individual smudge descriptions below.
Sage and other botanicals are sourced directly from a First Nation Tribe in Baja California. They are stewards of the land and consider it Holy. Heritage sage is harvested with intention and great care so as not to disturb the natural growth of the plants and surrounding ecosystem. You can use these botanicals and know that you’re NOT contributing to the demise of the plants and that these herbs come directly from the source!

Other Available Wands:
Blue sage - energy healing, purifying your aura and your space, welcoming prosperity.
Juniper - cleansing, chasing away nightmares, banishing bad vibes
Yerba Santa - welcoming growth, beauty, and  protection
Mugwort* - lucid dreaming, soothing energy *NOT for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant
White Sage + Lavender - purification + creating calm, relaxing vibes