Summer Dreams Bundle

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This is for those folks who dig Summer Vibes.  Option 1: The curried carrot pickles are a truly satisfying treat; The Backyard spice blend is can make a tasty vinaigrette and add gusto to tacos, pizza, and burgers; Sport peppers, a Chicago favorite, are the very zest of summer eats; and it's rounded off with individual Michigan honey sticks, as well as a vibrant wildflower seed mix, with 24 flower species providing years of colorful enjoyment.  Option 2: You can't help but give the gift of zesty summer with Giardiniera and Sport peppers. Also, the spices will transport your recipient to the shores of Maryland for a crab boil, as well as the cusp of Europe and the Middle East for an authentically spiced shish kebab.  This bundle is sweetened with delicious Michigan honey sticks.