About Us

Cassandra “Cass” Westover has been arranging specialty gift baskets since 2009.  While this effort was mostly done for close friends and family, she is always looking for an excuse to shower someone with custom, thoughtful gifts.  Due to her upbringing in northwestern Oregon, Cass is not only concerned with the gift, but also its hidden impact on the community and the world.

Homegrown Wrappings was created to highlight and amplify small businesses.  Always in awe of people who start their own businesses, Cass was raised to shop locally rather than from chain stores.  After living in Chicago for over a decade, she has seen that small companies provide the backbone for Chicago commerce.  When small businesses thrive, their communities do, as well.  

Throughout her tenure working as a theatre professional, Cass has observed that many objects and materials go unwanted and end up in the trash.  It is for this reason that most, if not all, of the packaging (from baskets to boxes), as well as picture frames, paper, knickknacks - and even our furniture! - are refurbished and onto their second+ lives. 

At the end of the day, it’s gotta look good!  Cass is an award-winning artisan with countless materials at her command.  With the help of her husband, Caleb, Cass is looking forward to developing Homegrown Wrappings Gift Company for years to come, while helping people feel gratified on the giving and the receiving end of the gift process.