Boosted Cocktails Bundle

$45.90 $200.00


Not only is the Bloody Mary Rim a perfect match for Bloody Marys, Micheladas and Dirty Martinis, it's an all-purpose seasoning! - A delicious blend of dry Blue Cheese, Tomato, Onion. Need we mention that the Bourbon Caramel Sauce will widen the eyes of any recipient? Also, you get to choose between two options.  The Woodruff-Espresso option includes Woodruff syrup, which is earthy and sweet, and pairs beautifully with whiskey or a sour beer, imitating Germany's tangy Berliner Weisse beer; and so many drinks (and desserts!) will be enhanced with espresso powder.  The Ginger-Mulling option is best to improve a ginger beer, a Dark and Stormy, or a Moscow Mule; and the mulling spices are perfect for chilly nights to come.