Breakfast Bundle

Let's get started.

Complete with a handwritten card, this 5-star gift is one set price. You will select a small-batch jam, nut/butter, and honey - in addition to an art item! - for your special person. These gifts are sourced from small businesses in the USA-Midwest, and they are hand-wrapped (on the inside!) with repurposed materials. Let's do it!

What's your Jam?

Pick one of our small batch, Chicago-made jams for your recipient.

What's your Nut/Butter?

Select one of these butters for the bundle.

What's up Honey?

Which honey will work with what you've picked so far?

Handmade Art Part

You've reached the Art Part! Click on the dropdown menu to see versions of each craft. Pick one! ****If you change your mind, you can click the "X" on the right side of the product box.


Do you want this gift to look like something in particular? What if you want to make sure it is NOT something? Select below!

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